The Dosti Music Project brings together inventive musicians from Pakistan, India, and the United States to collaboratively create original work and develop a network of socially-engaged music initiatives.

Each spring, the Dosti Music Project invites ten world-class musicians from India, Pakistan, and the US to spend a month musically reinventing their world. Now in its second year, Dosti (meaning “friendship” in Urdu and Hindi) will begin with a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, followed by a tour to big cities and small towns across the Southeastern USA. These adventurous musicians will collaboratively create original material, melding influences from traditional Sufi Qawwali to Appalachian fiddle tunes to glitchy electronica. All throughout the program, Dosti Fellows will engage with diverse communities through live performances, improv session with local musicians, educational workshops, and on-the-street recording studios. This month-long process — facilitated by New-York based music collective Found Sound Nation — culminates in the creation of an album of genre-defying new music, a series of music videos, and short documentary films that tell the story of the artists’ personal journeys and collective struggle. After Dosti, the crew will return home to continue developing socially engaged music initiatives in their home communities, linking up with Found Sound Nation’s global network of musical change-makers, including the alumni of Dosti’s sister project OneBeat.

2016 Fellows

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