Singer/songwriter Pakistan

Natasha Humera Ejaz is a singer and songwriter from Islamabad. Inspired by singers like Bjork, Jeff Buckley, and Esperanza Spalding, Natasha has worked over the past ten years to develop her unique vocal timbre, which bears hints of her background in jazz and Broadway-style singing. Her thousands of fans on Facebook have recognized her original blend of folk, jazz, and electro-pop, leading to a string of shows across the country, most recently at the MPowerFest, an all-day festival in Karachi featuring some of Pakistan’s best young talent. In addition to writing and performing on the guitar, Natasha also records ambient soundscapes under the name Stupid Happiness Theory, a nod to her training in audio production at ICOM in Malaysia. When she’s not writing, recording, and performing, she teaches music to people of all ages. “I am a very involved instructor,” she writes, “often forming bonds and relationships with my students that last years. And I will continue to do this because I can’t think of a better way of giving back to society.”

Project categories: Fellows 2015

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